Hello I'm Mama Trini


There are few things that express love more than meticulously prepared meals, seasoned to perfection with the freshest ingredients and most authentic seasonings. Traditionally, the Caribbean is legendary for the very specific and exotic flavor of it’s cuisine as well as the practice of handing down its highly coveted family culinary secrets from generation to generation. This tradition is the inspiration that compelled Trinidad native Toylyn Pollard to create Mama’s Trini Spices, the organic, vegan, gluten-free, ultimate answer to anyone who desires to deliver that notorious Trinidadian fanfare to their family’s mealtime. Whether it’s the savory Trini Pepper sauce, the citrus-kissed Lemon-lime, the succulent Pineapple-mango, or the original, Green Seasoning; it is a given that each recipe transforms your dishes into something truly special, infusing the love of preparing nourishment for family, that Toylyn inherited directly from her parents, and has now finally made it available to you. Having that true taste of the islands has never been so simple and tasty thanks to Toylyn and her Mama’s Trini Spices.